When Business Decisions Go Wrong, Pivot

In this Episode…

In business and life, things can go wrong every day. As a business owner, you can make wrong business decisions that cost you a lot of money. When that happens, it’s easy to beat yourself up.
But there’s a better way to move forward. You can pivot. Don’t regret your decisions, but learn from them.

In today’s episode, I discuss some business decisions that didn’t go as well as I expected and what I did to bounce back. I also share some mistakes other business owners have made so you can stop being too hard on yourself.

After all, everyone makes mistakes. It’s what you do afterward that makes a difference. So, when business decisions go wrong, pivot. That’s what I did, and look where it got me.

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“When you get stuck in that hard lesson to learn, pivot.” -Dr. Kylie Burton

In This Episode:

The reason I like to pay attention to sports.The consequences of making the wrong business decisions. What to do when you’ve made a terrible decision. Two things that allowed me to make more money than anyone else Learning the lessons the hard way. The first sales conversation I had to do (it was awful!)Here’s how I do things now


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