The Key to Running a Successful Business

In this Episode…

The road toward finding success in your business can be long and complicated and requires careful planning and hard work. Sometimes, businesses fail because they don’t have a proper action plan.
They launch a product and hire a great marketing team but end up with only a few people buying what they are selling. They blame their marketing team.

But here’s the harsh reality: You’ve failed because your product differs from what your clients want. The key to running a successful business lies in your programs.

Today, I walk you through how I redesigned a practitioner’s existing program and developed a high-ticket program that made her and her bank account happy.
Discover the lessons I learned from building programs that failed miserably and how I managed to turn things around.

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“It is not my job to get everybody 100% better. That’s practically impossible. It is my job to help them get better.” -Dr. Kylie Burton

In This Episode:

  • Here’s the harsh truth about your program.
  • The best way to get out of the one-on-one grind.
  • Redesigning a practitioner’s existing program.
  • Re-framing your mindset about money.
  • One-on-one vs. Group Program.
  • Why are programs so important?
  • Lessons learned with program creation.

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