Supplement Non-Negotiables With Mike Rhees (Part 1)

Many people take vitamins and dietary supplements to maintain or boost their health. Some might take just one vitamin, such as Vitamin D, to target a specific nutritional deficit. But what makes a good supplement?

If you are a practitioner, this information is critical in creating a health protocol that suits individual client needs. But diving into the world of supplements can be overwhelming when you see the different products. For example, there are the acai berry and CoQ10, which are said to help improve one’s immune system. But your client may need something else.

Today, I have supplement expert Mike Rhees. I have known him for years. He worked as the Clinical Director of a well-known supplement company for years. Now, Mike leads the Business Development team of a leading Canadian-based dietary supplement company driven by research and innovation.

In this episode, Mike takes you through the five core steps to help other practitioners create supplement bundles because he believes that product bundles are more therapeutic than individual products.

There’s a lot of information about dietary supplements, so this is a two-part episode. Watch out for Part 2!

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“What establishes a good product or protocol from a mediocre one is synergy. This is what really creates this multiple therapeutic approach gets going all at the same time.”

– Mike Rhees

In This Episode:

A brief background about Mike RheesIntroduction to nutraceuticalsMike’s 5-step process to creating effective product bundles


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