This is your Permission Slip.

To leave behind the old medical paradigm that waits for your labs to be "abnormal' before you get help. To start taking charge of your own care, and feeling the way YOU want to, on your timeline. To begin the true journey of Healing.

To Heal

Come join me Live in one of my signature programs.

With all that’s going on in our medical system right now, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who cares about you and your healing?
Someone to answer your questions, and give you actual helpful information – not just another diagnosis and another medication full of side effects. That’s what I do in my signature programs. It’s one of the highest levels of being able to work directly with me. I only offer these a few times a year so that I can pour the heart and soul of my mission into each and every one.
And believe me – I know there’s a lot of overlap between some of these diagnoses. 
I encourage you to sign up for the program that most closely resembles the biggest struggle you face in day to day health.  Once you’re in, we will ensure that your unique health concerns are addressed with my signature approach to your “normal” labs and symptoms. 

"Whether you have a diagnosis or not - I'm here to help you heal beyond the diagnosis...and to turn your "normal labs" into healing for you."
Dr. Kylie
The "Normal Labs" Expert