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Whether you have a diagnosis or not — I am here to help. I’m Dr. Kylie Burton, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. I will help you figure out the “why” behind your health concerns using your ‘normal’ labs. Get real answers, healing, and hope right now (with the blood work you already have) by downloading my free cheat guide below:


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Beyond the Diagnosis Podcast

My podcast dives deep into the why’s and how’s behind some of the most common ailments that plague my patients. Beyond the diagnosis, beyond the symptoms, beyond the mindset…come learn how to live life on your terms again. New episodes for patients air every Tuesday.

Take control of your health

No medical degree necessary!


I wrote this book for all my patients who came to me defeated by a system that told them, “Your labs are normal,” — all while they felt anything BUT normal.


“Why Are My Labs Normal?” is for you if you’ve ever been on the roller coaster of hoping that maybe THIS time, your lab work would have an answer that would allow your doctor to diagnose you, help you, and maybe even heal you.


Everything I’ve learned about helping you take charge of your own health is here in this book.

No More Guessing

Say goodbye to Dr. Google for good! Take control of your own health by learning to read your own blood work. My free guide will help you be your own advocate and start healing and living beyond the diagnosis (or lack thereof). 

How does it work?



The lab work you already have is all we need to get started.



Download the free blood work cheat guide and start learning.

Dr Kylie Burton

Dr. Kylie Burton*

Functional Blood Work Specialist



Start the BTD Academy to dive even deeper into your labs.



If you need more support, find a functional specialist.

*Dr. Kylie no longer reads labs — please visit the Directory page to find a practitioner.

Happy & Healthy Patients

“I have been feeling like crap. I almost cried when you said that on my video. Without knowing it, you hit the nail on the head when you spoke about all the pills I take. I literally keep a pill box with me and all I do is eat pills. I am so sick of it but I want to get better so I keep taking them. Your video was great and so helpful. Can’t wait to get started on my plan!”


“I suffered from chronic UTI’s and Dr. Kylie recommended a treatment plan in July and since then (6 months later), not a single issue! I wish I would have asked her way sooner!”


“My junior year of high school was spent in and out of doctors’ offices, often missing classes. My gut was causing me all sort of problems that nobody could figure out. Nobody until I met Dr. Kylie. Less than 6 months later, I am loving my senior year and I don’t miss class anymore. I’m still learning to trust my body but I’m not fearing my future anymore.”


Next Level Knowledge in the Beyond the Diagnosis Academy

Having a diagnosis is not the same thing as healing. Take your knowledge to the next level so you can experience true healing and restoration. Receive lifetime access to EVERYTHING in the BTD Academy (programs, bootcamps, workshops, etc). Click the button below to find out more.

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