Your Thyroid Code

Take Your Life Back

What is your thyroid code?

When you’ve been dismissed again and again by doctors who claim that “normal labs” must mean your symptoms are all in your head, it’s time to do your own detective work, and discover your own unique Thyroid Code. 
I’ve put together this course to help any woman who has ever felt dismissed, misunderstood, or downright ignored by the medical profession. This information – the real, raw truth of what your thyroid function actually means for you – is exactly the kind of stuff my patients come to me for. And since travelling to Utah to meet me in my practice isn’t practical for every woman who needs this information, I made it accessible in this one amazing course. 
Women + Thyroid problems is an equation I hear every day. And the stories are unique as each woman, but the issues and frustrations are all too common. 
Unlike most doctors who dismiss women whose thyroid labs (when they even take them at all) come back “normal”, I dig in deeper for real answers, and real relief. 

Here are 3 of the main reasons why women continue to struggle with thyroid issues: 

1- Your thyroid is just one piece of a system. It’s not a gland that acts alone even though we “treat” it like it does. 

2- Think about your thyroid as a swimmer just trying to keep their head above water. There are so many forces under the water trying to sink it. Yet, we only see the head (the thyroid) and hence, focus our attention on it. When, in reality, if you removed all the underwater forces that are trying to sink it, the thyroid would be just fine. So come inside and let me teach you how to heal your thyroid without treating your thyroid. 

3- The thyroid is so misunderstood that trying to prescribe medication to help fix it can seem impossible. And that’s if you can get someone to listen to you. Let’s change that. I’ll teach you how to navigate the thyroid med world and give you the tools you need to make your own decisions about it – not relying on the latest endocrinologist you saw.

Yes, it’s a different approach than most of my patients are used to – but it’s exactly this difference that gets Real Results. 

Your healthy self is waiting~ Are you Ready? 

Begin Your Healing

Included with All Access Pass:

  • 10% off supplements (code inside) 
  • $100 off 90-day RESET kits (code inside) 
  • 2 live calls with Dr. Kylie per month (except July and December)  – These are group calls with all members of the Academy. Individual Questions may be emailed privately and will be answered with anonymity pending availability.
  • 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2pm EST (for 60 minutes) 
  • Email Dr. Kylie and her team with your questions 
  • Stop relying on Dr. Google for answers 
  • Lifetime Access to the Private Podcast: Healing Beyond the Diagnosis

What my clients say

“Brain fog was the only song on my playlist and all my doctor knew how to do was change my thyroid medication. Now, after following Dr. Kylie’s guidelines, I AM NO LONGER ON THYROID MEDICATION – and the crazy thing is, she NEVER treated my thyroid. I’m 65 and now have more energy than I’ve had the last 30 years!” Jae, 65

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