Heal Your fertility

Take Your Life Back

Hold On To Hope

The journey to becoming a mama, to holding that beautiful bundle of joy in your arms, that feeling of your dreams finally coming true – isn’t as easy for every woman as it seems like we’re told.

Month after month  of waiting, dreaming, wishing for those two magical lines on a test….only to have them dashed again, and again, and again can start to take it’s toll. 
On your marriage, on your psyche, on your life…
and on your hope. 
Maybe you found this page from a late night google search or maybe someone said you should check this out or maybe you’re not even sure how you ended up here – but we are so glad you did. 
This program was created for women just like you – 
who feel confused by what to do next, 

who are reeling from the news that they may not ever conceive a baby, 
who are looking for answers, or maybe

just one last spark of hope. 

I put this program together to help women who have been told their fertility needs drastic help, or worse – have been given flat out wrong information about what it will take for them to have a baby. I’ve dedicated my career as a functional medicine provider to pushing the boundaries of what “modern medicine” tells us is normal, and to helping return our bodies to their normal state of functioning without all the noise crowding the scene of “accepted medical truths”. The truth is – you CAN begin to heal from the inside out. You CAN still have hope of fixing your infertility, no matter what you’ve been told. 
You CAN hold on to hope, because that’s what this program is designed to give you.

Your pains don’t always show – but you don’t have to walk this journey of pain alone. 

Begin Your Healing Now

  • 10% off supplements (code inside) 
  • $100 off 90-day RESET kits (code inside) 
  • 2 live calls with Dr. Kylie per month (except July and December)  – These are group calls with all members of the Academy. Individual Questions may be emailed privately and will be answered with anonymity pending availability.
  • 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2pm EST (for 60 minutes) 
  • Email Dr. Kylie and her team with your questions 
  • Stop relying on Dr. Google for answers 
  • Lifetime Access to the Private Podcast: Healing Beyond the Diagnosis


Listen to these podcast episodes from my podcast designed to help people like you get started on their healing journey.