End Your Chronic Fatigue

The never ending tiredness. 
Feeling like you’re missing out on life, as you watch it pass you by.
Wondering when, or if, you’ll ever have enough energy to make it through your day. 

From Fatigued to Fabulous

How many times have you heard
“well, you’re a mom! of COURSE you’re tired!”

Or – “Your labs are normal, so there’s nothing we can do to help you.”

Well, we don’t do “normal” labs here. We do “Ideal For You” labs. 
We teach you what your labs really are telling you, and how by using them as our guide, we can help you get back to the energetic YOU that you remember! 

Let’s celebrate your success together~

Learn to take charge of your own health and advocate for your freedom~

The course teaches you the exact 5-step process I’ve walked hundreds of patients thru, including the ones you’ve met in my videos and webinars. 

Since we understand that “brain fog” and memory issues can be very real hindrances to helping yourself, we have created easy to follow, step by step breakdowns of the information provided in this course. There’s a workbook that makes everything so simple (and personal) to follow along with. It helps you create your own roadmap and step-by-step process to healing. 

The videos are very precise, to the point, and easily understandable. This program is created to be very “brain-fog friendly”. We have designed this course with that struggle (and others) in mind. 

Please feel free to print them out and share them with your “support team”, whether that’s friends, family, or your care group. 

Above all, I want you to know that a huge part of your healing will be asking for help, and this program is designed to help you arm yourself with the right tools to do just that.
Me and my team are here to help you too – you are not alone on this journey.

It’s a video module learning center that will empower you to take charge of your own health again, and know hot to set yourself on the path to healing.

Your path will be personalized as I’m going to teach you how to use labs you’ve already had taken to map out your journey to being you again.

Worried about time? Don’t be. I know your time is valuable and limited. I’m a busy, working mom, just like you. Hence why this is also a go-at-your-pace program.

I truly want you to start living the life you were designed to live.

No more useless doctors visits. No more meeting your deductible every year; yet you don’t feel any different now than when you began your journey.

Take back the power.

I’m handing it to you.

Included with all access pass:

  • 10% off supplements (code inside) 
  • $100 off 90-day RESET kits (code inside) 
  • 2 live calls with Dr. Kylie per month (except July and December)  – These are group calls with all members of the Academy. Individual Questions may be emailed privately and will be answered with anonymity pending availability.
  • 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2pm EST (for 60 minutes) 
  • Email Dr. Kylie and her team with your questions 
  • Stop relying on Dr. Google for answers 
  • Lifetime Access to the Private Podcast: Healing Beyond the Diagnosis


Get Back to You


You have put so much of your energy and love into making sure everyone else around you is taken care of, but what about you?
It’s time to put on your own oxygen mask. 
It’s time for you to have energy back. 
To have less “bad headache days”. 
To feel like you are that vibrant version of yourself you remember. 
This course gets you started back on that path to you – no long days in frustrating doctors offices, no waiting and hoping that SOMETHING shows up in your lab work that will explain why you feel so….exhausted, no more being told “it’s all in your head.” 
This is for you. 
Get your YOU back. 

These three podcast episodes go into more detail about the actual tangible results that you can expect with your chronic fatigue as we work together. 

“I stopped chasing doctor’s when I found Dr. Kylie.” Cosette, 63


 “Talk about a frustrating journey I’ve been. Multiple doctors including Cleveland Clinic themselves. No relief for my endless fatigue. Dr. Kylie helped me change that simply by attacking an underlying virus that nobody caught beforehand. Within the first two weeks of working with her, I stopped needing to take naps daily, enjoyed a family vacation, and didn’t have to restrict my food so much. If you’re tired of the revolving doors at doctors’ offices, see Dr. Kylie.” Jon, 45

“It’s when we start working together that the real healing takes place.”

 David Hume