Are you ready to start living Beyond the diagnosis?

Stop telling the same story to doctor after doctor, stop the endless revolving door of visits and tests with no help, and finally start Healing, Living Beyond the Diagnosis

"You have the answers to all your health questions inside of the labwork your doctor has already taken. Let me teach you how to discover them."
Dr. Kylie, DC, CFMP
Your "Normal Lab" Expert
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

The never-ending cycle of symptoms, retelling your story to new doctor after new doctor, hoping that THIS time, maybe this one will actually hear you, believe you, help you. 
But time after time, you get told your “labs look great! See you in 6 months!“….
And you’re left starting the cycle over again. Feeling worse and worse each time. 
Having a diagnosis is not the same as healing – and no one knows this as much as you do. 
There is a different way – it’s what I do for people just like you inside my Beyond the Diagnosis Academy. 
It’s unlike anything you’ve tried before…because our entire focus is helping you learn to read your own labs, so you never have to rely on someone else’s interpretation of “normal” again.


What is The Academy?

Here’s what you get when you join the monthly membership model of healing:

    • Immediate access to all programs, mini courses, summit, and workshops 
      • 5-step programs 
        • End Chronic Fatigue 
        • Happy Hormones 
        • Free to Heal 
        • Fixing Infertility 
        • Your Thyroid Code 
      • Mini Courses 
        • 3-Step Gut Rehab 
        • Conquer PCOS 
        • Conquer Endometriosis 
        • Madness or menopause 
      • 60-minute workshop
        • Why are my thyroid labs normal but I feel like crap? 
      • 6 week Summit with key speakers 
        • Beyond the Diagnosis Summit 


  • TWO LIVE GROUP CALLS PER MONTH with Dr. Kylie – every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2pm Est


  • BONUS: Email access to Dr. Kylie and her team for your specific questions while inside the Academy
  • BONUS: Live Calls will become available for replay access inside the Private Podcast, available only through this membership, lifetime access granted

How does the Academy membership work?

Pricing Structure: monthly subscription (based on household family members)

  •  $147 per month 
  • Available: free 7 day trial with monthly plan 
    • Payment processed via credit card, payments can be cancelled via your portal before your next monthly payment
    • You are free to leave the membership at any time, no contracts needed 
    • Refund policy You may choose to opt out at any time but there are no refunds. The knowledge and connections you make gained inside the Academy, you’ll always have. 

      If you’ve gained knowledge and insight from my widely available public podcast – wait until you hear the wisdom I bring to my exclusive private podcast – accessible only to members in the Academy. All links to access will be granted upon entry into the Academy.

What healing beyond the diagnosis has done for my patients

Are you ready to rewrite your healing story?

My membership is where you get the most access to me - far more than any other doctor you've ever worked with. And start getting actual results, start healing beyond just having a diagnosis... Start taking your life back for you. Claim your free 7 day trial and see for yourself what you can start enjoying about life when you heal, beyond the diagnosis.

it's Time for you to start living beyond the diagnosis

Invest in your health, and start looking forward to feeling "normal" again. Take your life back, one month at a time. Join us by clicking below.

What sets Dr. Kylie apart

Dr. Kylie has a proven method of finding and connecting the dots of your diagnosis within your labwork that’s already been done. 
When other doctors just glance at the labs and say “everything looks normal!”, Dr. Kylie digs in deeper to find the patterns that connect to your symptoms so she can help you start to

heal from the inside out. 

If you’ve ever felt the deep frustration at being told your labs are normal, and meanwhile you feel anything BUT normal, you will want to be inside this Academy.

See you on the inside~