Are you ready to start living Beyond the diagnosis?

Stop telling the same story to doctor after doctor, stop the endless revolving door of visits and tests with no help, and finally start Healing, Living Beyond the Diagnosis

"You have the answers to all your health questions inside of the labwork your doctor has already taken. Let me teach you how to discover them."
Dr. Kylie, DC, CFMP
Your "Normal Lab" Expert
Do you keep getting told your labs are normal, yet you know something's not right?

Maybe you’ve recieved a diagnosis, maybe you haven’t. Either way, I don’t care.

Having a diagnosis is not the same as healing.

There is a different way – it’s what I do for people just like you inside my Beyond the Diagnosis Academy. 

It’s time to start your true healing journey, become the best person to read your own labs, and stop relying on Dr. Google for answers!


What is The Academy?

Here’s what you get when you join:

    • Immediate and lifetime access to all programs, mini courses, workshops, and anything else Dr. Kylie wants to throw inside in the future. But for now:
      • 5-step programs 
        • End Chronic Fatigue 
        • Happy Hormones 
        • Free to Heal 
        • Fixing Infertility 
        • Your Thyroid Code 
        • Thrive with Autoimmune
      • Mini Courses 
        • 3-Step Gut Rehab 
        • Conquer PCOS 
        • Conquer Endometriosis 
        • Madness or Menopause 
        • Everything You Need to Know About Labs
      • 60-minute workshop
        • Why are my thyroid labs normal but I feel like crap?  

What healing beyond the diagnosis has done for my patients

Are you ready to rewrite your healing story?

it's Time for you to start living beyond the diagnosis

Invest in your health, and start looking forward to feeling "normal" again. Take your life back with all the tools inside the academy.

What sets Dr. Kylie apart

Dr. Kylie has a proven method of finding and connecting the dots of your diagnosis within your labwork that’s already been done. 
When other doctors just glance at the labs and say “everything looks normal!”, Dr. Kylie digs in deeper to find the patterns that connect to your symptoms so she can help you start to

heal from the inside out. 

If you’ve ever felt the deep frustration at being told your labs are normal, and meanwhile you feel anything BUT normal, you will want to be inside this Academy.

See you on the inside~