Welcome, if you’re here, you’ve probably been told your labs are normal, yet you feel like crap. I’m here to help you change all that!
You’re in the right place.
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Whether you have a diagnosis or not, I don’t care. I’m here to help you take your body from unhealthy to healthy. How do we do that? The answers are found inside the blood work you already have.

Discover them now!

Included in this free bundle:

    – blood work cheat guide 
    – supplement cheat guide 
    – 60 minute thyroid workshop 

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p.s. If you’re a practitioner, your workshops are different. Be sure to download the practitioner bundle.

  • Bloodwork cheat guide that also acts as a 5-step healing journey so you know not only what your normal labs really tell you, but you know what steps your body needs from unhealthy to healthy. You can’t do it all at once. 
  • 3-Day LIVE Challenge happening every 4th week of the month during January – May 2022
    • The first 20-30 minutes will be teaching then, feel free to ask your questions and know what YOUR labs are telling you! 
    • Day 1 (monday): CBC with Differential 
    • Day 2 (Tuesday): Metabolic Panel 
    • Day 3 (Wednesday): Lipid Panel
    • Get replay access for that week only (Monday – Friday). It will arrive in your email that afternoon, only to those who are subscribed.

      No – you do not need to have labs done super recently – we can look at anything you have available. They are all pieces of your health puzzle that makes you – you. 


Transform your “normal” labs into real answers, healing, and hope - NOW.

-- Dr. Kylie

“I have taken Benedryl for 15 years just to fall asleep and stay asleep. This past month, as I’ve started my plan that Dr. Kylie created, I’ve slept better than ever before with no Benedryl needed.”



“I am feeling a lot better. I’ve found I’m not as hungry, don’t crave sugar as much. My hot flashes are all but gone. I have more energy and better mental clarity. I also have more drive to workout which hasn’t happened in a while. This is by far the best I’ve felt in a while. I’ve even been losing a little weight, which is my goal as well. Thank you for all your help through this process.” 



“Why don’t more doctors read labs like this? I’ve wasted so many hours searching for answers on google when my bloodwork had them the whole time!”