Book - Dr Kylie Burton


Turn those “normal” labs into answers, healing, and hope.

Here’s how it works: 

   Step #1: If you have access to your labs, simply email the pictures or downloaded PDFs of them to the email you’ll receive once inside. If you don’t have access or want Dr. Kylie’s team to track them down for you, we can do that too. There’s a medical record request form which you’ll use. It and all the details are inside. 


   Step #2: Complete the questionnaire (access inside the link to book) so Dr. Kylie can match how you feel with the numbers so your puzzle is complete. Take a picture of it and email her those two pictures. 


   Step #3: Once Dr. Kylie has all your labs and the questionnaire, she’ll get to work. It’s also at this point where a team member will reach out to you to indicate it’s time to schedule the lab consultation. This lab consultation is done via zoom so there are no boundaries. She does her best to get all the labs completed in the next 2 weeks upon receiving them. 


   Step #4: Join Dr. Kylie on the zoom call where she will show you exactly what she found and the recommended plan moving forward. 

It’s on this call where she will give you the code to access the VIP membership, complementary for one month. 


   Step #5: What is that recommended plan? She’s written a personalized supplement plan designed from your labs and the questionnaire. It’s so detailed that you’ll know exactly what you’re going to take, when, how much, and why throughout the entire process. There’s absolutely no guessing! 


   Step #6: Complete her plan so you can get your life back and set yourself up for real health for years to come! What does this plan look like? It depends on what she finds in your labs and what your questionnaire indicates. Plan on it being 6-12 month long with supplement recommendations being very simple and straightforward. 

Supplements will cost around $200/month. 


   Step #7: Be yourself again – escape survival mode and start thriving once again


This is the initial intake to work with me on a personal level. My monthly membership is also available – 
Healing Beyond the Diagnosis

I work hard to keep in mind that most of my clients have spent thousands of dollars on co-pays, treatments, and plans that haven’t gotten them any results or relief. 
My intake calls reflect hours of time spent finding answers for you, and my membership is an incredibly affordable option as well. 

Systemic Formulas is the main brand of supplements that I recommend based on their high quality and standards. They are only accessible to licensed practitioners at this time, which is part of why they are a part of my recommendations. 

No. I don’t believe in taking supplements forever – unless it’s vitamin D because of its superpowers. These supplements are designed to go in, get the job done, and move on. They’re designed to heal (not just stay on them for survival). 

We can review any supplements you are taking during our intake call.