Are You Ready?

Now accepting applications for the 12 week MIRACLE program. The highest level of access to working with me directly to help you find your health answers.

March of 2020 – 
Life as we knew it, the world over, shifted drastically. 

As a dedicated health care practitioner, I felt this more acutely in multiple ways than many people around me did. 

I had to shift how I provided care to all of my patients, and how I would continue to live out my purpose and passion for helping people find and live in their optimal state of health. 

Fast forward to December of 2021, and hundreds of requests from listeners of my podcast and members inside my BTD Academy – and I am pleased to announce this new program. 

I call it my Miracle program, because working together in this one-on-one way, we will work together to find a way to restore your health – whatever you’re dealing with – in a way unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. 

Because of the high level of care I am giving to these patients, I have to limit availability to 8 patients at this time. 
Apply now to become one of those 8 at the link below. 

You are worth saying Yes to. Your health shouldn't have a price tag - it's priceless. Get the answers and help you've been waiting for inside Miracle.

--Dr. Kylie

What Happens Inside the 12 Week Miracle Program

3-One Hour Consultations with Dr. Kylie

The core of this program is having Dr. Kylie personally review and work with your labwork to identify exactly where your body needs support. All supplements necessary to support your healing are included.

3 - One Hour Consultations with Mindset Expert Jen Poulson

3, 1-hour consultations with mindset expert Jen Poulson Dr. Kylie has experienced great success with physical health. However, the transformation feels even more complete when the mindset is shifted and the subconscious beliefs are upleveled. This is Jen’s expertise. With these sessions, the miracles you’ll experience are limitless.

3 - One Hour Consultations with Nutrition Expert Kelli Green

Email access to nutrition expert, Kelli Green Dr. Kylie will help design the nutrition and exercise lifestyle needed for you. However, Kelli is here for additional nutritional and lifestyle coaching as well as questions in regards to essential oils.

Direct Text Access to all 3 providers

6 days a week you can reach out to any of your 3 practitioners to have your questions answered and receive guidance. Direct access to Dr. Kylie and Jen, 5 days each week, via Voxer Got a question or just need some extra support, shoot Dr. Kylie and/or Jen a message (voice messages work too) via the free app, Voxer.

Receive Membership into the BTD Academy for one year

All programs, live calls, and extra support inside of the Beyond the Diagnosis Academy are yours for an entire year.

Personalized Supplement Program

All of your supplements are hand selected by Dr. Kylie and shipped directly to you (usually along with a few other gifts to support your healing that she loves to include!)

Have More Questions?

We love to provide answers! Here’s a few that we think you’ll need. You can always reach out with more (simply email kellidhcu@gmail.com), but if you feel that strong nudge that this IS the right program for you, we encourage you to apply right away as spots are so extremely limited to allow for the highest level of personalized support possible. 

The first step is to apply at one of the “apply now” buttons on this page. From there, you will be contacted with further information and to set up a call with Dr. Kylie to ensure that you are a good fit for this program. 

This round of Miracle will begin for all participants on February 14, 2022. 

This program is a 5 figure investment into your health. Think of how much time and money you have likely already spent on co-pays, medications, missed days of work and other opportunities. Dr. Kylie strives to be the last doctor you ever have to tell your symptoms to. 

Dr.Kylie has worked with all kinds of schedules, time zones, and patient needs. This program is here to support you however, and whenever, fits best for all participants. Don’t let time be the reason you don’t give yourself the gift of more time to be alive and healthy.