154: More Money = More Impact with Nikole Mitchell

Episode 154

Does talking about money make you anxious? Your relationship with money deeply affects your current financial situation. In today’s episode, Dr. Kylie speaks with Nikole Mitchell, a life coach who helps dreamers, leaders, and celebrities create the life of their dreams and thrive in every area of life.

If you want to discover how to break free from cycles of scarcity, you will love Nikole’s story of how she went from food stamps to making multiple six figures doing what she loves (life coaching and modeling).

This episode will also help you realize the possibilities and impact you can make once you clear your limiting beliefs and acknowledge that you are not competing in the affordability game. Despite what your parents, relatives, or society tell you, you can have it all. 

“You have a responsibility to get rich because there are people looking to you for what is possible.”

– Nikole Mitchell

In This Episode:

– The biggest change Nikole had to go through to flip her life around

– How to shift your belief and be open to making more money 

– What’s the rule for raising your rates and finding the right clients?

– How do you look at taxes? Are you the person who wishes to earn less money, so you don’t have to pay more taxes?

– How do you handle family members who have unhealthy relationships with money?

– Clearing your limiting beliefs and learning to think and act like the wealthy to influence your reality

And more!


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