152: Money Mindset


Let’s talk about money! Financial conversations are often a source of stress in many households and businesses, especially when cash is tight. What you believe about money and the stories you have heard in your childhood deeply affect your current financial situation. While you may disagree with that statement, think about it for a second. What stories did you hear about money when you were a child? Then, think about how you feel when you see the balance in your bank account. 

In today’s episode, Dr. Kylie walks us through how we can understand our relationship with money and some practical exercises to upgrade our money mindset. If you want to break free from your limiting beliefs about money and make yourself recession-proof, this is an excellent resource. So listen up!

“Money doesn’t make you a bad person. Money expands who you really are.”

– Dr. Kylie Burton

In This Episode:

– Think about the stories you heard about money to understand your relationship with this powerful tool (yes, that’s what money is–a tool to do good)

– Learn how to charge more for your services by upgrading your money mindset 

– Paying for time and extraordinary experiences

– How to create opportunities and be in the right place with the right people

– Embracing the responsibility to become wealthy so you can do more good

– Affirmations and exercises to protect your mindset and make you recession-proof

And more!


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