133: Bribery: I Should Have Done It Sooner


Welcome to Season 5, which will run from July to December. This is going to be the best season yet. We’re excited about what Dr. Kylie has in store for everyone. Tuesday episodes will be for regular topics that you have loved and enjoyed. Thursday episodes are for practitioners and will focus on TIME. So stick around and make sure you know what’s happening. And because it’s a new season and there are new followers and listeners, Dr. Kylie decided to share her personal story and give a life update. Plus, she lets us in on early preparations for a conference on February 20-22, 2023. So listen up to get the details. 

“I don’t treat diagnoses. I don’t even treat symptoms. I treat YOU as a whole person.”

– Dr. Kylie Burton

In This Episode:

– A sneak peek of what’s coming up this season

– Are you new to the community? Here’s some personal information about Dr. Kylie (Discover the one thing she deeply regrets, plus a few other revelations).

– If you’re considering joining an event next year, you better attend this one: The first live event happening on February 20-22, 2023, in Orlando, Florida, with the best business, marketing, and mindset coaches in the world. Stay tuned for the registration details to begin by September 2022.

– Mindset Shift: How important are the words that you say? How do you protect your headspace? 

– Why Dr. Kylie decided to join the health and wellness space and help other practitioners

– Bribery works! 

And more!


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