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My podcast dives deep into the why’s and how’s behind some of the most common ailments that plague my patients. Beyond the diagnosis, beyond the symptoms, beyond the mindset…come learn how to live life on your terms again. New episodes for practitioners air every Thursday.

Take control of your health

I wrote this book for all my patients who came to me defeated by a system that told them, “Your labs are normal,” — all while they felt anything BUT normal.


“Why Are My Labs Normal?” is for you if you’ve ever been curious about how gaining a deeper understanding of blood work can help frustrated patients find answers.


Everything I’ve learned about helping others take charge of their own health is here in this book.

What People Are Saying
About Dr. Kylie

"Dr. Kylie’s teaching of using every day blood labs to help determine a patients health history and current status combined with her straightforward approach to healing the body has been instrumental in changing the direction of my practice. I now have the confidence to charge appropriately for my time and services, and my revenues soared once I began to implement her system."

Jessica J. Briecke LMT, NC

"When it comes to making sense of managing tough cases and knowing what protocols to use to get success, Dr. Kylie Burton is the best in the world of Functional Medicine. What a joy to hear that she is coming alongside clinicians to give them the amazing clinical tools that she uses!"

Dr. Greg Mongeon

"Dr Kylie is an incredible teacher. I’ve been an RN before becoming a holistic practitioner so I’m very familiar with labs (or so I thought!) but she sees them in a completely different light! One that makes sense and gets results! I will always recommend and attend any trainings she offers! Forever grateful for the knowledge she shares."

LaKrista O'Dell RN, Holistic Nutritionist, NRT, Health Coach

"Dr. Kylie has given me many lightbulb moments in my business, but learning the bloodwork has been an absolute game changer. I used to run 5 foundational labs on every client which was mucho $$$. Now, I can save my clients hundreds if not thousands of dollars by just reading the bloodwork they already have."

Kimberly R. FDN-P, Advanced Detoxification Coach

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All Sales Are Final. No Refunds. As with any business endeavor, you assume all risk related to investment and money based on your own discretion. Therefore, you should NOT invest in this opportunity if you think you might want to refund it. I am only interested in people who are honestly committed to their growth as a practitioner and entrepreneur. I don’t support the unethical behavior of gaining all that is involved in this opportunity then asking for a refund. Once again, there are NO refunds for this opportunity. I do, however, guarantee results if you’re willing to put in the effort. And the results are incredible!