ATTENTION: Burnt Out or Stuck Doctors, Health Coaches & Practitioners

Become a Functional Blood Work Specialist, within 90 days, and get all my Business Secrets + my Done-For-You Marketing System to Drastically Improve Client Results and Build a 6-Figure Virtual Practice by Selling $2,000 to $15,000 packages!

Even if… You Don’t Have Any Blood Work Experience, Can Barely Stay Profitable or Are Struggling To Go Virtual
We Even GUARANTEE... You’ll Experience an ROI Within the 90 Days or We Keep Going Until You Do
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The doors of opportunity are open until June 6th

Onboarding Group Call will occur at 12:30pm EDT on June 7th with a special Laser Coaching Call with Dr. Kylie right after, for 90 minutes beginning at 1pm EDT.

*On this call, she will teach you exactly how she uses social media to fuel her email list + the step-by-step process to fill your practice with free workshops. 

Here’s what you get as part of the 90-Day Program:

Become the Expert group call with me, 2x per month 

  • Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 1pm EST, I’ll be answering all your patient questions plus providing you with behind the scenes patient scenarios to help you master blood work and improve client results. 
  • All calls will be recorded and available to view for life inside the portal. 

Master Your Mindset (and Business) group call with coach Jen Poulson and I, 2x per month 

  • Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 2pm EST, I’ll be helping you take major leaps in your business. Jen is here to help us all master our mindset, get unstuck, and create more joy in our lives as business owners. 
  • All calls will be recorded and available to view for life inside the portal.


Lifetime access to all programs inside the portal:

Week 1 & 2 → Mindset Mastery 

  • To begin, let’s retrain your brain so you can start charging what you’re worth and improve your relationship with money. 
  • Access the Private Podcast for easy listening. There’s currently 26 episodes and it’s steadily growing.


Week 3, 4, 5, & 6 → Become the Lab Expert and Access the Protocol Gallery 

  • Transform client results with the blood work they already have. Understand blood work better than ever and convert clients into your treatment plans with ease. 
  • Get Dr. Kylie’s proven protocols, saving you time and headache. 

Week 7 & 8 → Steal My Business Model and Access Legal Contracts and Questionnaires 

  • Create a simple business model to allow you more impact, income, and freedom. 
  • Use my favorite questionnaires to track the progress of your clients.
  • We all need to cover our butts. I’ve got the contracts. Use mine. 

Week 9 & 10 → Your Mess is Your Message 

  • Create a rock solid message that’ll resonate with your ideal client. 
  • How to share your message on social media in an impactful way.

Week 11 & 12 → Marketing Made Easy 

  • Upon completion of this program, my leads are now your leads. I’ll also teach you exactly how I built my practice with a $0 marketing budget. If I can do it, so can you.


#1: Everything You Need to Know About Podcasting

  • As a host of a top-rated podcast, I’ll take you behind-the-scenes on podcasting: How to start your own; What makes a good podcast guest; How to rock your guest appearance so you’re invited back or told about other podcasts you should be on.

#2: Technology Demystified 

  • Technology is your friend. I run my entire practice from one platform – Thinkific. It’s simple because I am doing it. 

#3: How to create automated courses and programs. 

#4: Patient Handouts and Education 

  • No need to reinvent the wheel, I have what your clients need to be successful.

#5: Master Blood Work Events, Free!

  • During these 90-days, you get invitations to join any master blood work live event I host, free. So you take your blood work skills to the next level, fast.
What is the investment?
Just three monthly payments of $2,400


Save $700 now by paying in full $6,500

Accelerate your success with the VIP package. It includes everything above + a 2-hour, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Kylie + her VA will create you a Shopify store to sell supplements online and rebrand her blood work cheat guide for you to use as a lead generator. 

What is the investment?

Three monthly payments of $3,200 OR save $400 with a one-time payment of $9,200

"Dr. Kylie’s teaching of using every day blood labs to help determine a patients health history and current status combined with her straightforward approach to healing the body has been instrumental in changing the direction of my practice. I now have the confidence to charge appropriately for my time and services, and my revenues soared once I began to implement her system."
Jessica J. Briecke
"Dr. Kylie has given me many lightbulb moments in my business, but learning the bloodwork has been an absolute game changer. I used to run 5 foundational labs on every client which was mucho $$$. Now, I can save my clients hundreds if not thousands of dollars by just reading the bloodwork they already have."
Kimberly R.
FDN-P, Advanced Detoxification Coach
"In the first month of this program, I tripled my prices and I feel so much better about continuing what I love."
Health Coach and Certified Lab Specialist
"Dr. Kylie keeps over-delivering. These 90-days are packed with the most useful and accurate tools you need to get better results with patients and build your business."
Everyone Inside
(Just ask them)
"Dr Kylie is an incredible teacher. I’ve been an RN before becoming a holistic practitioner so I’m very familiar with labs (or so I thought!) but she sees them in a completely different light! One that makes sense and gets results! I will always recommend and attend any trainings she offers! Forever grateful for the knowledge she shares."
LaKrista O'Dell
RN, Holistic Nutritionist, NRT, Health Coach
"I used to charge $149 for a lab consultation. Now I charge $549. My patients are getting better results. But more importantly I am happier and wanting to continue my practice rather than giving up."
Brenda L.
"Covid-19 not only destroyed my chiropractic practice but my mindset too. I didn't know how I would rebound until I found Dr. Kylie and now my practice is completely virtual!"
Dr. Shane
"Dr. Kylie, HELP! I need a VA as soon as possible. I just did a Youtube video on someone else's channel and I've got 80+ people wanting me to read their blood work."
Nutrition Specialist