What if expanding your practice virtually resulted in even BETTER results for your clients and saved you time?

You have the power to unlock solutions for your clients anywhere in the world that even traditional medicine can’t answer. Imagine saving your clients thousands of dollars, all while using the blood work they already have.
On this free 3-hour live intensive, I’ll teach you how…

How? By adding blood work analysis to your client treatment plans!

Let’s be honest – you didn’t become a medical practitioner to become a prisoner to your practice. With your expertise and knowledge, you should be traveling the world & spending precious time with your loved ones…all while serving your clients at a higher level. However, most experts would tell you that creating significant income as a medical practitioner from home is impossible.

Here’s the problem…


  • You can’t imagine how to move away from a one-on-one business model
  • Your nature of work has required showing up in person for a majority of your clients
  • You don’t feel qualified to add services such as blood work to your portfolio as you believe “it’s out of scope”
  • You question if virtual services can bring in sustainable revenue

Replay will be available for 10 days after event

What if I told you there is a way to scale your practice online, get better results for your clients, AND create programs that don't trade your time for money?

I’ll teach you my framework in 3 hours!


Bloodwork & Business Intensive


Live on February 15th

1:00-4:00 PM ET

Replay available for 10 days after event

Inside the 3-Hour Intensive:

The 5 most important markers you need to know

They are found inside the CBC with Differential and will unlock 95% of your patient’s problems.

2 Hidden Patterns

These 2 patterns will revolutionize your clinical outcomes. One of these can identify autoimmune tendencies. No additional autoimmune markers needed, saving your patients money on tests.

How to incorporate blood work into your current practice

So you can offer your services online and help more people in the process.

My 4-Step Business Model

Tired of working with people one-on-one? Let me teach you how to take your expertise to the masses.

How to have the virtual business you dream of

As a mom of 3 young kids and a successful business owner, I believe you can have it all.

Bring your questions

Attend live and you’ll be able to ask me any of your questions throughout the 3 hours.

What your colleagues are saying about this intensive:

“This was eye opening and educational. It was exactly what I’ve been looking for.”
Chantell, NP
“It’s loaded with lots of good information to use with your clients. Well worth the time.”
Sue, Retired Nurse 
“It was so good. I not only attended her live event but also watched the replay twice.”
Orlandis, MD 
“I can’t wait to start implementing this in my massage practice with my patients. It’s pure gold!”
Stephanie, Massage Therapist 
“What others make complicated, Dr. Kylie makes it simple. You can use it immediately. I am.”
Dr. Shane, Chiropractor

You’ll learn how to equip your patients with solutions to their unanswered questions while scaling a lucrative virtual practice, just like your colleagues:

"My packages were $1400 now they are $3900. I am amazed at how many people say yes and I'm just getting started."
Dr. Angela
Naturopathic Doctor
"What is my dream? I often imagine this question but never really delve into it too deeply because it's just a dream... Well that mindset has changed because dreams do come true especially when your mind is on board.... Guest what?? It's happening. People are searching me out and are happy to pay my fees."
Dr. Elena
"After being a chiropractor running a pain management clinic for 20 years, I needed a way out. After Dr. Kylie's blook work course I'm feeling like a doctor again!"
Dr. Ron
"Dr. Kylie teaches blood work unlike anybody else. You learn it in a way that's very simple and easy to implement. Just this week I was able to find my daughter's cause of fatigue using her CBC. The same lab test that 2 MDs looked at but didn't catch. The only reason I can do this is because of Dr. Kylie's simple teachings of complex concepts. I'd recommend anything she does in a heartbeat."
Health Coach
"Dr. Kylie is changing everything for me with her blood work analysis. She has helped me so much with my business. I am also a mom of 3 small children who practices Nutrition Response testing. This has helped me balance my business and motherhood."
Mary Jean
"I attended your workshops and learned so much from them. You explained things so well and kept it short and simple. I wish every doctor could learn this from you so our healthcare system was actually helping people."
"Reading labs is GOLDEN!!! My waiting list is 2 months."
Functional Nutritionist


Growing up, I watched stress take a toll on the women around me. I saw the potential to improve the quality of their life and health, but I faced a dilemma…


Many patients couldn’t afford the expensive lab tests I was trained to use. Not only that but working with patients one-on-one wasn’t sustainable for me as a new mom. I didn’t want to keep trading my time for money for the next 30 years.


That’s when I found a solution that made it possible to help more patients, make my services accessible, and run a sustainable, lucrative virtual practice.


I’m here to teach you how…





Are you ready for a life-changing shift in your business?

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